Get In Line!

Whether you have an idea or not as to what you want to see on your design, your first step is calling a sales representative to get your order in line.  What do we mean by "Getting In Line" ...  A deposit!!  The deposit will secure your spot and allow us to begin working on all the steps you will read below. Again, even if you don't have your car decaled on any idea, get your deposit in as soon as you can and get your order in line.



What We Need From U!!

When you call to place your deposit a sales representative will need a few things from you which are very important in the design process:



1. Photos:

You will need to supply Greco’s with High Resolution images of your car at the exact angle(s) that you want to see drawn in your custom art.  Each design is custom and supplying us with your specific photos is essential.


2. Your Info:

Make and color of chassis, brand of car (grand prix, monte carlo), kind of and color of helmet, uniform and gloves, driver name, hometown, and any info that you want to have on the design describing you or your accomplishments.


3. Your Likes

Reference our sample art designs and let us know what designs you like, what colors you like or dislike, and in general what you would like to see in your custom art.


4. Color & Sizes.

What color of shirt(s) you are planning on having your design printed on. Check out the catalog for ideas.  Along with the quantity of sizes you want.  Keep in mind that your design can be printed on not just T-Shirts, but Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Hooded Sweat Shirts, etc..



To The Drawing Board!

Once your spot in line comes up, your artist will take the provided photos and information and begin by hand drawing every detail.  Once done, the artist will add some basic colors, design a background, add your name, hometown, etc... And create your first proof.



First Approval!!

Your first approval is an opportunity for you to see how the art is progressing and to ensure we are headed in the right direction.  This is your opportunity to critique the design colors, fonts, background design, etc... If there are any major changes the artist will revise and we will resend the proof to you.



Trick My Design!

After your first approval your art is placed into the separation process.  This is where all the fun and exciting, tricked out details come into play.  The artist will now take your approved design and add all the different lighting, shading, gradients, textures, logos, etc...  All of these minor details are what add the WOW to your custom art.



Final Approval!!

Once the separation process is complete you will have your second opportunity to review your custom art.  You will want to ensure that the design is exactly how you want it, everything is spelled correctly, and the design has the correct colors and logos.  If you see anything that needs to be adjusted, this is the time to correct it.  If there are revisions to be made, the artist will revise and we will resend another proof to you.  If approved, the art will be scheduled for print.



Printing Process.

The time frame between final approval and your scheduled print time is typically 2-3 days.  However that timeframe can fluctuate.  The printing process is an art of its self.  Each color has its own screen.  The shirt is placed on a carousel and as the shirt passes by, a specific screen will lay down a layer of ink on the shirt.  The shirt will circle around to each screen receiving a layer of ink at each one.  Once the shirt has cycled around, it is run through a belt dryer at over 350° to cure the wet ink.




After drying, shirts are boxed and shipped directly to you.

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